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teeth whitening

Nothing Freshens up your appearance like a whiter, brighter smile.


When even dentists admit that they get confused in the teeth whitening aisle of the grocery store, you know that choosing the best product is going to be even more tricky for the rest of us.  

There are two kinds of tooth stains that teeth whitening products need to deal with. Extrinsic stains are the outside stains that you can see on the surface of your teeth. Intrinsic stains are those that have seeped into the tooth underneath the outside enamel. While the whitening toothpaste you see in magazine ads are popular, they simply can not give you the whitest possible smile.

And did you know that those whitening gels at the store or your tanning salon lack proof of safety and efficacy? That they are not even recognized by the American Dental Association? Another troubling aspect of these teeth whitening products is the damage they can do to your gums if they are not used properly. If the product leaks onto the gums during application, it can lead to sensitivity and painful inflammation.

This delicate process is best left up to the proficiency of a professional teeth whitening dental team who knows which products will be most effective and without any of the dangers of discomfort or damage.


Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Treatment

OpalescenceTM teeth whitening systems give you the flexibility of choice to eliminate discoloration caused by food, coffee, tobacco, aging and other sources you encounter every day. Each treatment is expertly supervised by your trusted dental team here at Chester County Family Dentistry. Through the White Done RightTM system, nearly every patient with any lifestyle can enjoy the benefits of a healthy-looking smile.

Whether you would like a fast 60-minute treatment for a special occasion, are interested in custom-made trays for daily whitening or you just want to whiten your teeth quickly but within a budget, the OpalescenceTM tooth whitening systems offer several options that will meet your needs.

The Opalescence™ Boost treatment uses more than double the amount of Hydrogen Peroxide as store-bought teeth whitening products, giving tooth stains a powerful blow. If you have about an hour to make those pearly whites shine, come into the office for the first portion of the Boost. We’ll then send you home with customized trays for the remainder of the treatment. 

We also offer LASER whitening using one of our two specialized dental LASERs; the EpicX. A proprietary gel is placed on your teeth. We then utilize the soothing of the EpicX to gently eliminate the color elements that have been incorporated into your teeth over the years. It only takes two to three applications of 20 minutes each and you will immediately notice the difference!

If you don’t have the time to sit in the dental chair for an hour, then you’ll want to try the OpalescenceTM PF Tray Gel. With this option, you can choose between four concentrations and three flavors. The best part about the tray gel is the convenience. You can set aside 30 minutes during the day for a treatment, or you can wear the tray for a night while you sleep.


FAQ’S About Teeth Whitening With Opalescence™

Why should I whiten?

The best reason to whiten your teeth is simply to do it for yourself. Treat yourself to boost to your self-esteem and enjoy the way your smile looks. However, there are other circumstances that you might find teeth whitening helpful. Special occasions, for example, and especially those where you’ll be in a lot of photographs.

How can I make it last?

The amount of time that your treatment lasts can depend on a variety of factors. Those factors that you can control are your diet and habits. Limiting the liquids that stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, and wine, will help your smile stay whiter longer. And if you smoke, now might be a really great time to quit.

Who shouldn’t whiten?

There are certain conditions where you shouldn’t expose your teeth to a teeth whitening product. If you are pregnant, have exposed roots, cavities, gum disease, or worn enamel, it is advised that you do not try to whiten your teeth. If you are one of the millions of Americans who have very sensitive teeth, the whitening process may be too uncomfortable for you. We have options that can help you cosmetically if bleaching is just not for you.

How does it work?

OpalescenceTM teeth whitening gel uses patented ingredients and oxygen molecules to separate the molecules of both extrinsic and intrinsic stain discoloration. As the stain molecules are broken down and eliminated, the gel works to bring a dramatically brighter change to the surface of your teeth. And because of the consistency of the gel, this process happens evenly throughout your teeth.

Are there any side-effects?

Besides the uncontrollable urge to smile more often, the most common side-effect of teeth whitening is a temporary sensitivity of the teeth. However, if the problem persists, you’ll want to make sure you let us know. We will go over ways to help minimize sensitivity on the day that your whitening trays are delivered to you in our office.

Your Teeth Whitening Dental Team
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