Looking For a Dentist In Exton? Turn Your Attention North!

Often, time and comfort are a top concern of dental patients. At Chester County Family Dentistry, we not only understand the confines of busy schedules, but we also do our best to accommodate them! When it comes to apprehension associated with pain, we help put patients at ease by educating them on exactly what to expect from dental procedures and cleanings, and what options are available to make them as comfortable as possible. It’s for these reasons and more that CCFD is the top pick for a dentist in Exton.

Five Reasons CCFD is the Choice for a Dentist In Exton

In nearby West Chester, just North of Exton, Chester Family Dentistry is home for many Chester County families. In addition to ensuring patient safety, comfort, and time restrictions, we also offer:

  1. Restorative Services

When dental patients in Exton seek options to restore missing or damaged teeth, we provide a variety of dental implant solutions. Patients can choose from single-tooth, multiple-tooth, and removable dental implants.

  1. Cosmetic Services

In addition to offering dental implants, Dr. David Montgomery and Dr. Ryan Dunn also perform cosmetic dentistry. Patients can choose from teeth whitening veneers to inlays, onlays, and more to achieve their dream smile.

  1. Mercury-Free Dentistry

Not all dentists in Exton provide Mercury-Free dental options, but CCFD does! To keep patients safe, we offer beautiful, natural-looking composite fillings.

  1. Advanced Technology

Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Dunn are dedicated to practicing the most innovative dental approaches and technology. Patients will have the benefit of state-of-the-art equipment such as intra-oral cameras, surgical telescopes, radiation-free cavity detection, and more.

  1. Patient Testimonials

We offer new patients a transparent view of patient experiences right from our testimonial page. When it comes to a dentist Exton patients trust, CCFD is the top choice.

Ready to Make CCFD Your Dental Home?

At CCFD, we’re here to help schedule appointments at the most convenient times for you and your family. We schedule ample time to spend with all our patients to not only provide services but to also answer any questions. The best dentist Exton PA residents love and trust will always work within your time constraints.

If you’d like to set up an appointment or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time at 610-431-0600.

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