Your Guide to Staying Hydrated from the Best Paoli Dentists

Summer may be in full-swing, but it’s not too late to learn about the best ways to keep you and your family healthy.

Now you might hear plenty about staying hydrated throughout the warm months (and the cold too!) but do you know why?

The best Paoli dentists will tell you that keeping up with your fluid intake impacts not just your mouth, but your whole body. Without the replenishment of fluid, after sweating and urination, your cells don’t get the nutrients they need. You also won’t have enough fluid to continue your body’s natural process of flushing bacteria, setting yourself up for fatigue, sickness, and dental issues.

The Best Paoli Dentists’ – 3 Tips to Stay Hydrated

So how do the  Paoli dentists suggest that you and your family hydrated throughout the day? Don’t worry, it’s tastier than you might think!

  1. Keep it interesting! – The best Paoli dentists know that if your hydration routine is boring, you will be less likely to keep up with it. If you like drinking plain water all day, great! But if you crave more flavor, don’t feel like you need to limit yourself.
  2. Ditch the soda and flavored waters You may already be limiting how much soda you drink, but don’t substitute it with the trendy new flavored waters at the grocery store. Despite having less sugar, the flavored waters still have a lot of citric acids which erodes the enamel on your teeth. This sets your teeth up for more cavities. Also, because of the carbonation, they don’t actually hydrate but instead they dehydrate the body.
  3. Eat your fluids? – This might sound silly, but dentists in Paoli, PA, say that you can eat foods that will add to your fluid intake. Fresh fruits, yummy salads, and even apple sauces (without the extra sugar) can give you more hydration variation.

Dentists Who Care For The Whole Family

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