Common Myths About Teeth and Dentistry near Downingtown PA

As human beings, we’re always looking for ways to excuse what we don’t want to do.  And because we practice dentistry near Downingtown PA, we certainly have heard every excuse and myth out there about caring for your teeth.

Myth #1  I’ve found that brushing once a day is enough.

Actually, we recommend brushing after each time you eat.  Even a snack can deposit unwanted food and bacteria on your teeth, bringing plaque and eventual tooth decay.  However, we know that this is a lofty goal for most.  But the absolute minimum you should be brushing is twice a day, in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before bed.

Myth #2  I only need to floss when there is something stuck in between my teeth.

Definitely false!  Practicing dentistry near Downingtown PA, we see many ruined teeth because of tooth decay.  This most often occurs in those hard to reach places and in between teeth!  What removes bacteria and food in between teeth?  Flossing!  Don’t believe the myth that flossing isn’t important.  It’s imperative for good oral health.

Myth #3  I heard fluoride toothpaste may turn my teeth yellow.

Actually it’s the wine, coffee and tea, coupled with the lack of brushing that are turning your teeth yellow.  Fluoride works to increase the health of your teeth, putting much needed minerals back into your tooth’s constitution and preventing cavities from forming.

For more information about your oral routines from a dentist in Downingtown PA, come visit us at Chester County Family Dentistry, where we treat your family like our family!  Call us today to schedule a checkup.



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