Find The Best Dentist To Fix Chipped Teeth In West Chester

Did you know that you have more than one option when it comes to repairing a chipped tooth?

If you’ve recently chipped a tooth it might be time to schedule an appointment with your dentist to discuss your options.

If this is your first chipped tooth, you may be feeling anxious. Obviously, you will have a lot of questions and concerns. You may wonder “How much discomfort will I experience?” or “How long is the recovery process?”

When it comes to fixing chipped teeth in West Chester, PA, Chester County Family Dentistry is the preferred dental practice among local residents. Located in the heart of West Chester, we have provided families with high quality preventative and comprehensive dental care for decades. Our patients trust us to be the “go-to dentist” who fix chipped teeth in West Chester.

There seems to be an ongoing misconception that any type of tooth repair procedure is painful, but it’s the opposite in most cases. At Chester County Family Dentistry, your comfort is important to us, and we want to provide a stress-free experience for all your visits.

3 Restorative Options For Chipped Teeth

When you come in for your consultation, we’ll be able to go over your questions, concerns, and discuss which of the following options will suit you best:

  • Veneers –  Made from porcelain, they cover the front of the teeth leaving them looking smooth. While this is a pricier route, they last 10-20 years.
  • Crowns – A crown not only covers the entire damaged tooth, but it can restore teeth to their natural shape and size. Other benefits of crowns are strengthening teeth, cover discolored teeth, protect a weak tooth from breaking, or simply enhance appearance.
  • Bonding – If you have a minor chip, this inexpensive cosmetic dental procedure might be the answer. Composite resin is shaped to match the surrounding teeth covering up discolored or chipped teeth.

When it comes to fixing chipped teeth in West Chester, trusting Chester County Family is your best choice. Call us today at 610-486-3317.

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