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Dentinal hypersensitivity remains one of the most common diagnoses among dental patients. DH or sometimes DS (Dentine Sensitivity) is an exaggerated response to an outside stimuli, such as hot or cold drinks, sweets, dental cleaning devices, or hot or cold air.  The exaggerated response usually translates into sharp pain for the individual.  

While this pain may exist only in a fleeting moment, the common reoccurrence of it quickly becomes frustrating and sometimes can lead to limited activities, diminishing quality of life.  

Is There Anything That Can Be Done About It?

Visit the best Exton PA Dental Office that you can find in order to receive proper diagnosis and care.

What Should You Tell Your Dentist?

Communicate Your Discomfort

Make sure you thoroughly communicate the pain and discomfort.  Tell your dentist exactly where the pain occurs, what causes it and how long it lasts.

Make Sure He’s Listening

Because often you cannot see DH, your dentist may not be aware that you are experiencing any pain.  Some dental professionals may even be reluctant to acknowledge your pain and unwilling to take the time to deal with a such “minor issue”.

If you’ve found a good quality Exton PA dental office, the dentist there will listen to you thoroughly, check for any other prevailing dental issues that may be causing the sensitivity, and then help you diagnose the possible cause of your Dentinal hypersensitivity.

At Chester County Family Dentistry we listen to every patient’s concerns, big or small, because we realize that even the smallest amount of discomfort can gradually build into a major irritant in your life.  

What Will Your Dentist Tell You?

Quality staff at a dental office in Exton, PA will explain the full picture to you.

What is DH?

Dentinal Hypersensitivity is caused by the exposure of dentin.  Dentin is the second layer of your tooth, enamel being the hard outer layer.  When enamel has eroded due to various circumstances, your dentin is exposed and therefore experiences more sensitivity to various substances.  

Causes of DH

The causes of enamel erosion are due primarily to acid erosion (acid eating tooth enamel) and gingival recession (receding gums).  Both of these conditions expose the tooth to weakness, causing pain and sensitivity.

Diet is a factor

One of the leading factors of acid erosion and gingival recession is diet.  Usually a diet high in sugary substances as well as highly acidic foods and drinks (including numerous sports drinks) will contribute greatly to the breakdown of your body’s protective tooth enamel.

What Can You Do?

Visit us at Chester County Family Dentistry to get a proper diagnosis for your DH.  Our dentists will listen to your concerns and then help you determine the best course of action, whether it be simply eliminating the culprits of your pain or discussing the latest treatment options available to you for lowering your sensitivity and building back up your tooth’s protection.  

We know the pain may not throw you on your back, but that doesn’t mean you “just have to live with it.”  Let our Exton PA Dental Office help you eradicate it for good.

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