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Even the most diligent individuals in practicing routine dental hygiene succumb to the dreaded toothache. And, while there are as many solutions as there are common causes of toothaches, a trip to the dentist instills fear into even the most courageous of hearts. There is, however, a valued and popular solution for toothaches West Chester PA residents trust. Before we approach the innovative and often anxiety-free options for treating toothaches, let’s explore some common culprits and how they come to be.

Say No to Toothaches West Chester PA! First, How Did They Get this Way?

Toothaches West Chester PAWas it that extra piece of cake with heaps of frosting? Leftover candy from a holiday? It’s normal to question the reason for a cavity or a toothache. While the former is indeed associated with pain, there are other possible reasons for developing a toothache. Check out a few examples of toothaches and what might have brought them about:

Pain or Discomfort from Applied Heat or Cold

Have you ever taken a gulp of coffee, or a swig of ice-cold tea, only to recoil in pain? This is not uncommon and generally occurs as a result of minor decay and gum recession, a loose filling, or too much aggressive brushing. The solution: use a dentist-recommended electric toothbrush or purchase a soft-bristled brush and maintain an up and down brushing pattern.

Sharp Pain, Especially When Biting Down

Equally cumbersome (and annoying) to pain resulting from temperature sensitivity is the sharp pain that can occur from a crack in the tooth, loose filling, tooth decay, and damaged pulp tissue within the tooth. The solution: Often, the cure for damage involving pulp tissue will result in a root canal so any infection will be cleaned and removed. Following this process, your dentist will fill and seal the leftover space.

Swelling, Painful Gums

If a toothache is accompanied by pain and pressure, it may indicate an abscessed tooth. There may also be periodontal (gum) disease present. The solution: Similar to the previously mentioned pain when biting, if gum swelling determines an abscessed tooth is to blame, a root canal will eliminate bacteria and infection. If periodontal disease is the culprit, it can be treated by a process referred to as “scaling,” in which your dentist removes plaque and tartar deposits from surfaces of both the tooth and root.

Eliminating Toothache Pain and Anxiety

Perhaps for some, the fear associated with toothache treatment is even more daunting than the pain. If you can identify with this sentiment, your not alone. At Chester County Family Dentistry we are dedicated to ensuring that our patients are treated with the best oral health practices in the most attentive, compassionate way.

To help alleviate anxiety, we offer our dental patients:

  • Free access to Nitrous Oxide
  • Wireless internet services
  • Satellite radio with streaming music availability
  • Patient education multimedia

If you are ready to take advantage of the solution for toothaches West Chester PA clients choose first, call us today at 610-981-1208 to make an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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