Your Favorite Dentist Near Paoli Gives You The Top Eats For Your Teeth

While brushing, flossing, and dental visits are an integral part of your oral health, other arenas of your life can affect your pearly whites as well-namely your diet.

With the best dentist near Paoli on staff, Chester County Family Dentistry aims to provide you with not just quality care, but quality information.  We realize that one of the biggest struggles to maintaining good oral health can come in the form of food.  That’s why we have provided a quick breakdown of the best foods to add to your diet in order to improve your teeth.

Picks For Your Plate from a Dentist Near Paoli

Fiber-rich foods:  According to the American Dental Association, foods with fiber have a detergent effect in your mouth, cleaning off the surface of the tooth.  This includes fruits and vegetables high in fiber as well as whole grain products.  High fiber foods also increase the salivary flow in the mouth,which serves to protect your teeth against acids and enzymes while also restoring lost minerals such as calcium and phosphate.

Crunchy foods:  Those carrots that you claim are hurting your jaw, are actually doing double duty for your body!  While they are certainly packed with great nutrients for your eyes, skin, and immune system, they also provide a thorough cleaning to your teeth as you work through the crunch.  Crunchy foods such as carrots, apples, cucumbers, and nuts all accomplish a cleaning of the teeth while eating.

Dairy Products:  Most dairy products have a good amount of calcium in them.  Calcium is one of the necessary nutrients for your teeth’s health.  Dairy items such as cheese, milk, and plain yogurt provide extra calcium and phosphates to replenish lost minerals.  Cheese is also another great saliva producer.

Green and black teas:  These teas contain something called polyphenols which interact with plaque bacteria, preventing the bacteria from thriving in your mouth or producing the acid that weakens tooth enamel.

Vitamin-rich foods:  Foods that are high in calcium and phosphorus are excellent for replenishing the needed minerals.  Foods such as nuts (particularly almonds), seeds, leafy greens, and cheese, as mentioned before, contain high amounts of needed minerals.

Sugarless chewing gum:  Chewing gum has a great ability to produce saliva.  And remember, the saliva helps protect the enamel on your teeth and replenish lost minerals.  But make sure that the gum is sugarless, as chewing a gum packed with sugar will only make your oral condition worse.  Even better than most of the traditional sugarless gums (artificially sweetened), are gums that have been sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sweetener that has been proven to reduce cavities.

Improve your diet with these helpful tips from your dentist near Paoli.  Contact us at 610.431.0600 for more information about your oral health at home.

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