What Does the Best Dentist Office near Exton PA Have to Say about Flossing?

While you may feel accomplished from brushing the full two minutes, don’t smirk too fast. Your teeth need more than just a good surface cleaning.

Remember those long summer nights when your toddler came in covered in dirt? Did you simply spray water over his toes and call it good? Of course not!  If you have any desire for cleanliness, you probably washed in between the toes with some actual scrubbing power.  Otherwise, that dirt just won’t come out.

Your teeth are the same. That’s why the best dentist office near Exton, PA insists that flossing be a part of your daily routine. While it may add a few minutes to your nightly oral routine, it can prevent a lifetime of troubles.

As a dental office near Exton PA, we applaud you for brushing your teeth, but that simply cleans the outer surface of the enamel. Food easily becomes lodged down in between your teeth day after day. When food and germs are allowed to sit in the cracks, bacteria and plaque build up.  And plaque leads to tooth decay.

Stop the decay with these flossing tips:

  • Make sure your floss piece is 10-12 inches long. Wrap the ends of your floss around your pointer or middle fingers, making about 2 inches of floss pulled taut between your hands.
  • Start from the center and work out. Slide the floss down into each space, using a slight scooping motion to lift out any remaining food particles.
  • Repeat between each set of teeth, making sure to get even the space between the back molars.

If done properly, this should take around two minutes. It’s said that a habit can be formed in 21 days. That’s only three weeks! Start today and by the time your mortgage check is due again, you may well be on your way to a healthier mouth.

For more tips from the best dentist office near Exton, PA call Chester County Family Dentistry today at 610.431.0600!


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