West Chester Digital X-Ray and.. NASA?

It might be difficult to imagine what getting a West Chester digital x-ray at the dentist has to do with rocket ships, but the crazy thing is that there is a very real connection.

West Chester digital x-rays are made possible by what is called a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (or CMO) sensor. These sensors were originally developed by a NASA engineer named Eric Fossum for taking images in space. In the early 1990’s Fossum was developing the use of CMOs for the groundbreaking camera on a chip technology. During this time, Fossum partnered with a company called Schick Technologies, in order to get the CMO sensors to be used in other industries. Well it turns out that Schick Technologies is a dental device manufacturer.

The CMO sensor chip makes it possible for digital imaging devices to be much smaller than before. The smaller the imaging device, the easier it can fit into the mouth for taking pictures of the patient’s teeth. It also means that a West Chester digital x-ray provides less exposure to radiation for dental patients.

Why West Chester Digital X-Ray Is Better For You

With less radiation exposure and the ability to get better images of the teeth, dentists can do two very important things: diagnose patients more accurately and provide better prevention. With a digital x-ray, patients can be treated for dental issues before they become more serious.

If you’re interested in bettering your dental health, or you have a dental issue that needs to be treated, you will undoubtedly benefit from a West Chester digital x-ray during your appointment at Chester County Family Dentistry.

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