Save Your Smile With A Dental Implant in Downingtown

An accident involving trauma to the face, an infection, age. The loss of a permanent tooth can happen for any number of reasons, and it could happen to anyone. But when you experience the unfortunate event of tooth loss, your smile doesn’t have to suffer for it, and neither does your health. Your expert dentists for dental implant in Downingtown have got you covered.

In the event of tooth loss, you have a number of options, from bridge work to dentures to dental implants. At Chester County Family Dentistry, we believe dental implants are the best option for tooth reconstruction patients for a number of reasons.

The Benefits of Dental Implants in Downingtown

  • Improved Oral Health: Unlike with bridgework, dental implants require no alterations to other teeth. Keeping healthy teeth intact is good for overall oral health. It’s also easier to clean between teeth with dental implants. Cleaner teether means improved oral health.
  • Increased Comfort: Dental implants are more comfortable than removable dentures or bridges as they are a permanent part of your mouth.
  • More Food Options: Because dental implants do not shift or slip like dentures can, dental implant patients no longer fear the pain and discomfort with eating that denture patients fear. Decreased pain and discomfort means easier eating and more food choices.
  • Improved Smile and Increased Confidence: Dental implant patients can enjoy the confidence that comes with a beautiful, natural smile. Because dental implants are fused to the bone, they are permanent. They also stimulate the jawbone, helping to prevent bone loss and facial sag that can come as a result of a missing tooth.
  • Long-lasting: With good care, dental implants can last a lifetime. They last longer than dentures and are more reliable than bridges.

Clearly, dental implants represent the gold standard in dental reconstruction. If you or someone you love are in need of tooth replacement, rely on dental implant in Downingtown.

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