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For as long as humans have had teeth, there have been various ways of dealing with the dental issues that inevitably come up. However, before the development of modern dentistry, the common approach to many painful tooth problems would have been to have the offending tooth extracted. Unfortunately, the extraction wasn’t a pleasant experience. There would be no such thing as mercury-free dentistry for many years to come.

Mercury-Free DentistryIn 1819, an English chemist invented a new way of treating cavities: the amalgam filling. Along with mercury, this filling contained a mixture of tin, copper, silver, or zinc. The idea was to seal the hole in the tooth so that the bacteria could not cause further decay. This was a revolutionary invention that saved countless people from losing teeth.

However, there was a downside to this dental discovery. While amalgam fillings have been used for more than 150 years, due to more recent knowledge, it has come to the attention of dental professionals that the use of mercury is not the safest way to treat cavities.

Studies have shown that mercury is not only a hazard to the environment and wildlife, but it is also a hazard to the human body. Using such a substance as a permanent fixture in one’s mouth is no longer advised. In fact, the necessity of extracting amalgam fillings has produced a specialized form of dentistry called mercury-free dentistry.


The Necessity Of Mercury-Free Dentistry

With the risk of an amalgam filling causing mercury poisoning, it is always best to search for a “mercury removal dentist near me”. Mercury-safe dentists are trained in how to properly remove and dispose of amalgam fillings so that neither the dentist nor the patient is exposed to harmful levels of mercury.

Mercury-free dentistry is especially important for pregnant mothers and small children. Exposure to mercury, in either case, could set up a child for debilitating neurological issues, affecting the rest of their life.

Practitioners of mercury-free dentistry offer their patients the best alternatives to amalgam fillings, including composite fillings. Much safer than its 50% Mercury counterpart, the composite filling is made of powdered glass and acrylic resin. Not only will patients feel better about what’s being put into their mouths, they will also enjoy the benefits of a filling that can be custom colored to blend in with the rest of their teeth.


If you’re not convinced yet that mercury-free dentistry is the way to go, here’s a recap:


Facts about silver fillings

  • They’re ancient. Silver fillings have been used for over 150 years, to replace decayed areas of the teeth.
  • It’s full of mercury. Silver fillings are made up of alloy (composed of silver), tin, copper and 50% mercury.
  • It’s sturdy. Silver fillings are very strong, less likely to chip off and they last a long time. They also are very inexpensive.
  • It may be hazardous to your health. Silver fillings release mild vapors of mercury in them, causing adverse effects on the brain and kidneys. This doesn’t pose a huge threat to adults, but for young children and pregnant women, it may have an effect on them neurologically.

At Chester County Family Dentistry we offer the most quality product available, Composite or “white” fillings

  • They are safe. White fillings are made up of multiple synthetic resins that will not cause harm to you, or health risks.
  • They’re beautiful. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • They are versatile. They allow repairs of both tooth damage and resin damage whereas amalgam is not.
  • White fillings are strong. White fillings strengthen the tooth structure by the way it bonds to the tooth.
  • No mercury. You won’t have to worry about swallowing that chipped silver filling or inhaling the vapors from mercury with white fillings.

Let Chester County Family Dentistry show you the beauty they put in to placing white fillings and show you the benefits to mercury-free dentistry. Call us at (610)431-0600.

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